The Unsatisfied vs. Satisfied Customer

Customers come in all shapes and sizes, but I know this for sure. All customer interaction revolves around money. Whether it be money in (from the customer) or money out (from the customer) we must balance the sheet to zero. I had an employer once that was tough about every penny that was missing. I thought to myself, “who cares about a penny”. What they taught me was that if you can’t find the penny then you can look suspicious. It may be a penny one day, and the next day more. The unfortunate part of this is that it always results in the person looking guilty of stealing whether they did or didn’t.

A satisfied customer is our favorite kind of customer. They are engaged in their experience and choose to be satisfied. The customer themselves ultimately makes the choice to be satisfied. Being involved in your experience on both sides of the counter, whether giving or receiving, will always result in a better experience. It is the quiet ones we have to watch for. Those are your unsatisfied customers.

The quiet unsatisfied customers want you to come for them. They want you to pursue them. Their thought is “If you care, you will miss me.” Or “If you really want my business, then you will come and get it.” So, go get them. We must watch to see who we haven’t heard from, within the time frame that we should have. Pursuing the quiet customer will either open a can of worms or make them feel special because you noticed they needed service and instead of waiting for them to remember to call because you took the initiative. Either way, it ends in a win-win situation.