C.A.R.E Workshops

C.A.R.E Workshops

Whether you’re a manager of a customer service team looking for training on how to boost your customer equity or a single person looking to become an expert in customer service Ms Angie is here to help!

Part One

The basic concepts of C.A.R.E. We must take our first steps before we can walk with confidence. Part one will display what the first steps are so that staff can become confident with who they are as individuals. We must know ourselves, and how we communicate before we can oversee others. This section is designed to learn how to define ourselves through exercise and resources.

Part Two

Knowing the process. So that we can effectively serve others, we must understand the journey of a customer. Knowing the flow before and after our part in the process. We will use object lessons and role playing to walk employees and staff through situations safely in a safe environment for making mistakes and learning from them.

Part Three

Filling in the gaps. All along the totem poles of a business there are gaps and cracks that need waxing. Often businesses are unaware of employees that are frustrated. We will work through some of the most frequently found situations and how to solve them with confidence and learn how to find solutions even when we don’t know them right away.

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