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The Power of A Woman

Women have a power that when harnessed with the correct intentions she can accomplish anything. However, we also know that women are deceived easily and make many decisions based on emotions. Women can be motivated to scheme quickly thinking that the situation at hand will be solved. Knowing exactly how to respond correctly the first time stops the falling dominoes so that we don’t have to clean up what didn’t have to occur in the first place.

Eve was not feeding Adam lunch with the fruit from that tree. She was deceived. She knew better and yet she went forth and shared that which she should not have even partaken of herself. So why did Adam even eat it? He knew better as well. Now, I am not innocent in that I have taken that fruit off the tree of my life and fed it to my husband. I was mad and I wanted him to be mad with me. While this is not an actual fruit, it is an emotional fruit. It’s the fruit of life that is hard for many women to fight off and see through the right lens the cost of their actions.

While Eve was the first, we would have done no better. We can all look at our own lives and see the moments where we shared or passed on hardships. Pain with childbirth is not the worst pain that was passed on. Emotional hurt is far more painful and has no reward like the gift of a precious newborn.

When we do not educate ourselves in the knowledge of how and why we were created we lose sight of our purpose. Losing sight of our purpose throws our balance off, and we begin to go astray.

Ms Angie provides a special mindset and emotional balance workshop to help women harness their power so that they can be successful for themselves and their families. We read that in the past, a women’s husband is thought well of in the gates because of her. Complements from others of how wonderful her children are. Women are the springboard in which their family, relationship, and businesses launches from.

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