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My Journey

My journey

When I first began working in “Corporate America” I started with a technology college. From there I received my first “real jobs”. Working at a pet store, doughnut shop and a cake decorating store. Little odds and end jobs where I gained the term “Both sides of the counter.” Seeing that service comes from both sides, I wondered how many individuals were aware of this whether it be the business or the customer.

After working for several companies that provided me very little training, I decided to go to a temp agency to seek employment and gain some experience at the same time. I did and ultimately picked up a permanent job at an oil company. I found myself billing and making service calls and setting up deliveries and was being trained in an area that I was truly excited about. It was an amazing fit and would change the direction of my career forever. They took the time to invest in me and that took me further into the company, to say the least.

My ability with people was attractive to them and my skills with numbers and balance sheets made me a valuable team member. I could find a penny in a minute and was quick to balance sheets correctly and had a way with the customers that I was asked for by name.

After stepping away from the company due to some family requirements, one afternoon out of the blue I received a phone call from them needing my assistance. The person covering my position had been found to be stealing from the company and they needed me to come in and clean everything up as the company was being sold and needed it to be cleaned up for the sale. The customers were so happy to hear my voice on the other side of the phone.

The company purchasing it asked me if I would join their team so that I could continue to look after the customers. I agreed.

My customers were my priority at this time as I knew that they needed me, as did the company that purchased the lot of them. They didn’t even know they had been sold, so easing them into the transition was my honor and my privilege.

People and communication are my superpower. I know how to put people at ease and it was not long before many companies realized it and they wanted what I had.

Ms. Angie

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