Customer Service Expertise

There is drama in customer service. A suspense of what will happen next. Never knowing exactly what is on the other side of the counter/phone, from a love scene to a traumatic killing. The secrets of how to respond quickly and appropriately seem to elude those in business and the departments of customer service by and large.

When we don’t have a complete understanding of who, what or why customers react the way they can, we will continue to let them down, ultimately costing us the most in the long run. Not only the financial cost but the possibility of the reputation of the company.

When we consider that everyone is a customer then we should approach everyone in this mindset. Everyone, old and young will need services or goods at some point in their life and their expectations come in many variety of examples. Leaving the door cracked open for a customer to be disappointed.

99% of the time, the product is already sold before the customer even calls for the purchase. They are only calling with questions or to confirm the purchase. If they have chosen not to purchase from your business, this means they will never walk in the door. If they do make the choice to purchase your product, and they are not satisfied, that is when the calls become fun.

Customer Service is full of challenges and nuances. If we take the time to learn and identify these obstacles at their root, we can provide better customer service and build equity with our clients. Learn more about each of the challenges in customer service below and how to overcome them.

Customer Service Expertise

Myths of Customer Service

Learn about the 3 myths of customer service.

Unsatisfied Vs. Satisfied Customer

Learn to identify your customers’ satisfaction from your customer service.

Hiring & Training

Gain insight on the importance of Hiring & Training new employees.

Aspects the Experts Understand

Customer Service Experts understand these important aspects of customer service.

Types of Customers

Learn more about the different types of customers you will encounter.

Phone Etiquette

Empower your staff with proper phone etiquette

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