Phone Etiquette

This is a lost art in today’s digital age. We spend more time with machines than we do with people. Press one for this, two for that and so on. Getting to a real person to understand that a computer cannot be difficult. I recently needed assistance and there was no number to be found. They didn’t even want you to call in. I still cannot get my printer/scanner to scan a document to my computer. My phone works but not my scanner. How is this that I cannot reach a person, to help me know what step I am missing. I have spent hours trying to figure it out, when they hold the key that would only take a minute.

Phone etiquette is so important and yet so lost on both sides of the counter. We have to ask ourselves, is the customer service agent trained for phone etiquette? Most businesses take this for granted. Sure everyone can speak on the phone right? This is not necessarily the case.

Manners, oh my how we have lost the value of manners. I expected my children to all use Yes Mam/Sir or No Mam/Sir. If you can open the door for someone, do it. Be polite even if they are not being polite to you. You can change a person’s day by just being polite.

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